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About the Products

Q. Can you give me a quote for the product?

Please feel free to contact us for product quotation, fabric selection and measuring method.
⇒Inquiry Form
⇒Email: popcurtains@inkanshop.com

Q. Is it possible to actually see the product?

Depending on the products. We can provide the sample of some products. If you need them, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form or by email.
⇒Inquiry form
⇒ Email: popcurtains@inkanshop.com

Q. The actual color is different from the product image.

We hope to show the real product appearance as much as possible.
But there may be color difference depending on the screen settings.
Please note.


About Orders

Q. Can I place an order by phone or email?

We can only accept email orders for some products.
E-mail: popcurtains@inkanshop.com

Q. I haven't received the email about my order.

Immediately after ordering, you will automatically receive an 'order confirmation' email.
In addition, we will send a confirmation email to the customer who has selected 'cash on delivery' as the payment method.
If you receive neither of these emails, it may be due to an error or spam settings.
In addition, if there is no e-mail in the junk e-mail folder, please check to make sure you have entered correct email address. If there is no mistake, the e-mail from our shop may have been rejected. In that case, please change the email reception settings.

Q. I haven't received the ordered item by the time.

Due to traffic conditions, weather, congestion of delivery companies, etc., the shipment may delay. In addition, the products may be returned back to the delivery company due to reasons such as unknown address. To check the delivery status, please contact the delivery company directly by the following method.

Please select the relevant Order ID from the purchase history on Customer Center, check the package inquiry number (invoice number) of the product, check the shipping status directly on the delivery company's site.

Q. How to measure the curtain size?

How to measure the size differs depending on the window types.
Please refer to the following page for details.
⇒Measuring Methods
You can also contact us by email, feel free to contact us.
E-mail: popcurtains@inkanshop.com

Q. I need a curtain with a width of 118 inches or more.

We can not make a single panel curtain with that width, but it is possible if it is pair.

How to order
Enter the number of width / 2 in the width field,
Choose single panel, if you enter the quantity 2,
It can be produced without problems.


 About Payment

Q. Can I choose the payment method?

We only support credit card payment(Visa and Master).


 About Delivery

Q. How long will the products arrive?

Ordered items will be delivered 12 to 15 business days after the order is confirmed.
* Excluding special times such as some Festivals (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).
Furniture will be delivered in 40 to 45 days after your order is confirmed.

Q. Is it possible to specify the delivery date and time?

When paying by credit card, you can specify the delivery date and time.
* Depending on some products and the area where you live, you may not be able to specify the delivery time. Please note.

Q. I was absent on the delivery date and did not receive the item. Can you redeliver it?

If you are absent when you deliver the item, the delivery company will post an "absence card".
Please contact the contact information on the "Absence Card" for a convenient delivery date and time to receive the item.
In addition, the product can be received for 7 days from the date of shipment from our company.
Please note that if the pick-up period expires, the item will be returned to us and redelivered, and the return shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

Q. Can you deliver my order to a new address?

Please contact us to change the address you need.
* Please note that a separate transfer fee will be required if the item is delivered to another address after shipping.


 About Returns and Exchanges

Q. Is it possible to return or exchange my ordered items?

If it is a custom order, we cannot accept returns, refunds or cancellations.
If you receive a defective item or a different item from your order, please contact us and we will promptly replace it with a new one.
E-mail: popcurtains@inkanshop.com

Q. Can I cancel my order?

Custom Orders: If the production has started, we cannot accept cancellations or changes.
You are able to cancel or change the order before the production, please contact us by email.

Q. There was something wrong with the product I received. (Damage, dirt, defective products, etc.)

Please contact us within one week from the delivery date.
When you contact us, please tell us the order number, your member name, defective product name, condition, etc.
Please note that we may ask you to take a photo of the defective product in order to confirm the detailed situation.
* We will help you to deal with that only if you contact us within one week from the delivery date.
* Please note that we cannot accept size difference which is less than 1 inch. (The width should be longer than the size you ordered.)

Q. I received the item, but I made a mistake in the size, so can I fix it?

Sorry, but we do not accept size adjustments after the product is made.


 Other Questions

Q. Can you provide an invoice?

Of course we can.
The invoice will be sent by an e-mail with a PDF attachment, but it is only for those who have filled in the necessary information.
If you need an invoice, please indicate your request in the communication column of the purchase process.
* Please contact us with the email address and make sure you can receive the PDF file.

 Membership Service

Q. How can I change my membership information?

You can change the information in Customer Center.

Q. How can I get points?

You can get 1 point for every 1 dollar (tax included). Points will be automatically accumulated after the product is shipped.