Custom Curtains

Since it is a made-to-order product that is tailored after ordering, both width and length can be adjusted in 1 inch increments.
The mainstream of folds is luxurious double folds, you can choose various options according to your wishes.
At our shop, we also offer curtains with a casual impression and 1.5 times folds.


Drape Curtains

It is a general term for high-quality thick fabrics in which fine threads are woven at a high density. Thick curtains can be with multi-functions such as light shielding, hot insulation and sound insulation.



It is a general term for thin transparent curtains.


● Mirror Sheers

A sheer curtain that makes it difficult to see the interior from the outside during the day.
By reflecting sunlight like a mirror, it is difficult to see from the outside.
* As the outside gets darker, the mirror effect decreases. It is no different from a normal lace curtain at night.


● Privacy Sheers

A sheer curtain that makes it difficult to see the interior from the daytime and night.
By finishing the fabric with a finer grain than the mirror lace, it is hard to see through even at night.
* Because the blindfold effect is high, it becomes difficult to see the outside scenery. In addition, the room will be darker even in the daytime.


● Voile Sheers

A light and soft fabric woven curtain with extra-fine threads.
The refined sheer feel gives a sophisticated impression.
The supple texture that flutters in the wind and the natural drape are attractive. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the natural light and wind.


● Embroidered Sheers

A sheer curtain with embroidered pattern on the boiled fabric.
The main pattern is a floral pattern, and the most common type is a wave-like hem.



Pair: The curtain of the size you order is divided into two at the center and opens on both sides;
Single: The one without division is open on one side.
* It is not necessary to specify a pair panels if a page sells single panel curtains.

Example: For a product with a width of 100 in and a length of 100 in
Pair Panels: 2 pieces with a width of 50 in and a length of 100 in
Single Panel: One piece with a width of 100 cm and a length of 100 in
As a result, the overall width of the curtains will be the same whether the curtains is single or pair.



The folds (pleats) are made to make the curtains look three-dimensional.
By making two or three piles on the top of the curtains, the curtains has waves and looks three-dimensional.


● Flat

Use a fabric that is 1.1 times of the actual width (110in for 100in), finish the curtains without folds.
It gives a simple and smart impression and the pattern stands out. (If you need a feeling of three-dimensional, you can use 1.4 times fabric.)
It uses the least amount of fabric, so it is also attractive to finish on a cheap budget.


● 1.5 Times Folds

Use 1.5 times the actual width (150in for 100in) and finish the curtain with two folds.
This is the most common type of ready-made curtains.
Compared to double folds, the finish is neat and simple.


● 2 Times Folds

Use twice the actual width (100in for 50in) and finish the curtain with three folds.
This is the most popular type of custom curtains.
The finish will be a luxurious with plenty of waves.



The curtain that cuts the light.
When you close the curtain, outside light does not enter and inside light does not leak to the outside, so you can protect your privacy.
In addition, depending on the level of shading, the higher shading rate means better blackout effect.


About Pattern

With the exception of some products, our curtains are sewn together with almost all pattern curtains.
It is to make it into one curtain.
Veteran craftsmen are doing their best to make the pattern look good.
* Depending on the characteristics of the fabric material, it may not be possible to complete it.
* It may not be possible to match the pattern due to design. In that case, please be assured that it is clearly stated on the product page.


Shape Memory Processing

Put the curtains before removing the folds in a large vacuum kettle and take the shape with heat and steam. Often used to remove pleats from skirts.
Since many curtains can be processed at one time, it is often used to process a large number of ready-made curtains.
Unlike light wave processing, it is processed with considerable strength, so it will not lose its shape semi-permanently even after washing.